Court Bauer Gives Insight Into MLW's Partnership With Reelz
  • Feb. 12, 2023 12:46 pm EST

Major League Wrestling (MLW) recently made its debut on Reelz, which will now be the home of the promotion's television product, "MLW Underground Wrestling," in the United States. During a recent interview with Deadline, MLW founder Court Bauer revealed how the deal came about and discussed why Reelz is the perfect partnership for the company.

"We had been talking to them for over a year. They had some success doing documentaries on wrestlers, Hulk Hogan, autopsies on certain wrestlers, and so on. They had a shifting program policy, certain staples of the kind of populous programming like Cops and On Patrol: Live. Wrestling falls right into that same fabric of programming."

As Bauer mentioned, Reelz is known for hosting documentaries on the lives and careers of professional wrestling. Earlier this month, the network broadcast a documentary about Chyna that featured AEW stars and WWE Hall of Famers. That said, "Underground Wrestling" is a new venture into more traditional wrestling-centric programming.

Despite being part of a network that's been receptive to wrestling content, Bauer said that he wants to keep the episodes short and sweet as there is so much wrestling content out there at the moment. He admitted that they're still figuring out the formula, but he does have some criteria in mind already. "I like the idea of one hour a week for wrestling. Some of our competitors go three or more hours for one show, then another two hours of another show. That's asking the viewers to put in a lot of time."

The future looks positive for MLW at the moment. That being said, it certainly isn't drama-free as Bauer is currently suing WWE.