Carmella Comments On WWE 2K23 Rating Given To Her By 'Some Video Game Nerds'
  • Feb. 24, 2023 11:05 am EST

WWE 2K23 has begun sharing value ratings for wrestlers featured in the latest video game set to be released on March 17. These ratings are based on success rate and overall experience with numbers in the 90s considered to be among the best — Brock Lesnar has been ranked a 97, while Becky Lynch is at 94. These ratings tend to be a discussion point among players, and even talent, and that case is no different this year. "WWE Raw" star Carmella took to Twitter to address her thoughts on being assigned a 79 rating.

"After everything I went through a few months back, it feels meaningless and irrelevant to be upset over a trivial number some video game nerds assigned to me," Carmella said. "My accomplishments, my resume and my talent should speak for themselves. I choose to be excited that I'm even included in a video game and I'm honored to be in 2k23. In 2023 I'm no longer fighting to convince people to see my worth. I know what I bring to the table and a sincere thank you to all of you who see it too. I love the WWE Universe so much!!"

Carmella recently returned to action after a hiatus that started in August. During her time off, she and husband Corey Graves went through an early miscarriage in September and then an ectopic pregnancy at the end of October. Since returning earlier this month, the former "SmackDown" Women's Champion qualified for and competed in the women's Elimination Chamber match where she made it to the final two before suffering defeat at the hands of Asuka.