Backstage News On Recent Bray Wyatt Segments On WWE SmackDown
  • Dec. 23, 2022 10:26 pm EST

WWE Hall of Famer "Road Dogg" Brian James has been producing all the Bray Wyatt – Uncle Howdy – LA Knight segments in recent weeks, according to Fightful Select.

On the 12/23 "WWE SmackDown," a week after Uncle Howdy's first in-person appearance, Wyatt essentially cut an "I told you so" promo as he continued to plead innocence over the recent backstage attacks suffered by Knight.

"Nobody listened to me," Wyatt said in his promo. "He [LA Knight] didn't believe me, and you [the fans] didn't believe me, too, right? Be honest – you thought it was me, for a minute at least [laughs]. But the truth is, I'm not Uncle Howdy. I never was Uncle Howdy."

Wyatt continued, "When I think of whatever Uncle Howdy...umm. When I think of Uncle Howdy...I'm sorry I lost my train of thought."

At this point, Wyatt got down on his knees, dropped his microphone and began clutching his head in despair. Thereafter, he would abruptly attack the cameraman in the ring with a mandible claw. The segment ended with Adam Pearce and other WWE officials stopping Wyatt from causing further damage. 

It's worth noting that neither Knight nor Uncle Howdy showed up on this week's show.

Wyatt's erratic behavior following the mere mention of Uncle Howdy's name has surely led to some unanswered questions. Could fans get more answers on the final "WWE SmackDown" of 2022? According to several reports, the Uncle Howdy storyline is expected to see significant progression over the new few weeks as WWE welcomes in the new year. There's also been chatter of the rumored Wyatt 6 stable debuting imminently.  

Wyatt has yet to wrestle a match since returning to WWE at Extreme Rules in October.